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Coaching is here to help you learn and pay more attention to what you are doing, teach you to make healthier choices, stay on track and learn how to recover when you don't stay on track.

We will first have a initial consultation.  This is a get to know you type call or video call and create some goals, and it's ok if you don't have any specific goals at this time. 

From here I will customize a plan on how to help you work towards your goals. This will include setting goals for what to eat (either by tracking or just submitting pictures of what you eat depending on your relationship with tracking) and planning some activity. We will begin communicating on a regular basis through my app messaging system to make sure you are staying on track. I am available for questions or help to break bad habits and create new ones!

There will be one big check in day each week, regardless of which plan you select.  This will go through a questionnaire, measurements and pictures since I like to look at a variety of methods to review your progress.  Some people may not be happy about taking pictures but you will be thankful you have them to look back at.

Little by little we will work towards your goals, improve your habits and see changes!  


First you will begin by completing some online paperwork so I can review your information before we talk. 

We will talk on the phone or over a video call and talk about your history with eating, struggles you currently face and just some information so I can get to know you better. 

After our call I will review the information and develop a plan to get started working towards your goals!


You will need a few things to get started  You can view my Products I Like Page for recommendations and discounts. 

  • A body scale. I recommend a bluetooth scale that automatically syncs to your phone so it auto tracks.  You can find a good scale that does this for under $30.

  • A body measuring tape.  A basic tape will do but they do have some fancy ones on the market now that sync with bluetooth taking that extra step away from writing everything down.

  • A food scale.  You may not be using this right away and ideally not forever but this is a great tool to use to learn portion sizes!  This doesn't need to be fancy and can pick a good scale up for under $20

  • Camera.  Easy enough to get this item since I think everyone has a phone with a camera these days.  You will want one camera with a timer and a front camera so you can see yourself and set a timer to allow time to "pose" before it takes the picture.  Movies work well too so you can pick the best frame.

  • A fitness tracker.  The program that I use syncs with the Apple and Fitbit trackers which makes it less work for you to give me information since it's automatically provided and it also provides me with more data so I can help you on a regular basis but having something that can measure/track your movement is beneficial to the program and your health.


This is not a quick fix, there are no promises to lose xx amount of weight in xx days.  In fact, often times the faster you lose weight, the harder it is to keep it off.

There is no meal plan - I can give suggestions but I am not going to tell you exactly what to eat.  Everyone has different tastes and the goal is to teach you how to keep this up for life on your own!

There are no magic wands, pills or powders.  I do not sell any products that promise that you will feel better or lose weight.

Coaching is not one size fits all.  What your friend's day/week looks like may be different from yours which may be different than mine.  Everyone has a different journey and different goals and in time as you change, your goals may change too!  

Coaching is not a competition.  There is no race, there is no one to be better than other than your past self.  President Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  So please come into coaching with an open mind and let's work on seeing changes in you so you can focus on how far you have come and not how you compare to Jane Doe.

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